Thursday, July 19, 2007

OMG Christmas came early this year!

According to US Weekly, Britney is currently shooting her new music video. It's apparently a porn, I mean, to the song "Get Back". I wonder what she will be doing in this video....Flashing her crotch? Shaving her head? Getting married on a whim? Punching out kid after kid? Looking crazy? Stripping? Wearing really ugly clothes? Crying? Chewing gum? Fearing Paparazzi looking in her "winders"? Getting another classy tattoo? Remaking another Bobby Brown song? Sporting extremely bad fashion? Flashing her now flabby tummy? Slapping her mom around? Eating Cheetios? Oh, wait, that's everyday....The director has his hands full thinking of a never seen before theme for Britney....

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