Thursday, July 19, 2007

Britney, yet again...

As per US Weekly, Britney Spears was at club Les Deux on July 6th when she asked someone if they knew if they were hiring.

“Everyone thought she was joking, but she was dead serious!” says an eyewitness

She even spoke with the manager about it.

“She looked through her calendar and said that she couldn’t do it ‘this day, this day or that day’ because she has her kids," says the insider. “But she asked if she could begin the following Saturday.”

Like a good employee Spears arrived at the club on July 14th, but no one was available to talk with her in regards to the new position. US Weekly's source says that Britney wants to work there because of the uniform which consists of a red corset and a tight black skirt.

“She was really excited about wearing the outfit, but she asked the Les Deux employees if she could make her own ensemble.”

I'm sorry, but where is the stop for the bus to crazy-town?

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