Friday, August 10, 2007

Liar of the Day

Courtney Love claims that she doesn't have a eating disorder (among her other issues)
“ive put on 10 pounds (thank you Sprinkles cupcakes wic h i must admit are overrated). “I must point out the hypocrisy of this crazy hysteria about my weight…Noones going to mistake me for Eva Longoria, andmy god I am truly hAppy to be who an what i am with my life an dmy expirience i can do so many things help so many people and make such a beautiful clothing line too! and maybe finish this dammed sript one day.”
I love her spelling.. She's smart. I wonder what school she attended. She's smart enough to get away with murder...saying she doesn't have a eating disorder is like her saying sh has never gotten plastic surgery either... or taken drugs... or sung...or smoked cigs...or drank..or slept with Kurt Cobain.....or married him...or killed him......or his a whore.....or is crazy...

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