Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When a mother and daughter fight, it's just plain funny.

According to some reports, Britney and her mother, Lynne, got into a fist fight back in June. I'm talking all out open hand slaps. I wonder who played the role of the bitch and who played the role as the pimp? This is what the "insider" had to tell Star Magazine about the incident:
“Lynne barged into the house and insisted on taking the kids out to spend some private time with them,” an insider told the tab. “She didn’t ask or suggest, she demanded!” says the insider. “Then she began denigrating Britney’s mothering skills and losing her temper at the same time!”
Lynne also feels like the trash, I mean Britney, is suffering from Depression and they had this to say:
“Despite their problems, Lynne cares deeply for Britney and wants to find a way to help her,” a “friend” told Star. “She thinks antidepressant drugs may be the answer. Lynne feels Britney has severe depression issues, and they are in large part the cause of her apparent manic behavior and past problems with alcohol.”
One comment.....WHO CARES!!!!?

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