Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tara Reid

Someone please tell me what Tara is trying to accomplish. She hasn't been in a movie in ages, thank God, and to my knowledge hasn't been up to anything other than partying for the past couple years. So why do people keep taking her picture and talking about her. She had horrible plastic surgery and she looks awful still! I thought plastic surgery was suppose to improve things... not make them worse when you thought it really wasn't possible to for things to get any worse. Notice how her boobs are down by her waist. This isn't normal and she should request to have her money back. If my boobs did that, you can bet your ass that I would be wearing a push up bra EVERYWHERE. Her legs look discusting too on top of the bad boobs and the horrible, discusting, raisin like stomach. Again, Tara if you need money I will send you some to buy a damn mirror!

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