Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lindsay Lohan should be every girls role model

Apparently, Lindsay was busy getting high in Rehab....What you say??!! Did you expect anything different.

A source said, “She uses ‘whippits,’ the tubes that you buy that contain nitrous oxide. She mixes that with the cold medicine Coricidin. Together they get you really wasted. At first, the counselors couldn’t figure out how she was getting high, but then they found the cold medicine and whippit containers under Lindsay’s bed. Lindsay admitted to using the stuff in group counseling meetings and said she was sorry.”

I hear through the grape vine that apparently Lindsay is also using X. She is soooo classy. Is there anything that she won't use? I give her another 6 months.. Yes, this means that we will have to put up with her for yet another 6 months...Damn our luck.

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