Monday, July 23, 2007

Devastating..blah...blah.. blah devastating......

Shanna Moakler spoke to People Magazine about her recent joke, I mean, attempt at getting back with her ex, Travis Barker. She states that their recent split has been "devastating".
"We separated, and for me it's very disappointing," she says. "I consider him the love of my life." She adds, "I think the demise of a marriage is like a death, and there is a mourning that goes with it. It's devastating." "I know that I gave it 100 percent, and I really tried," she says. "Where it's going to go I have no idea."
Currently she adds that she is busy looking like a tramp and doing absolutely nothing because she's not really important in the grand scheme of things....., i mean she's doing this:
"I'm kind of getting back to myself, my work and things like that," she says. ?I'm going out with my girlfriends and going to fun places like this, trying not to think about it."

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