Monday, July 30, 2007

Are you that hard up??

eonline reports...
Is Britney Spears forgetful or just cheap?
The former pop princess hit One Sunset restaurant on Saturday just before midnight with four friends. Spears, dressed in a silver and black dress and sporting a dark wig and sunglasses, and her posse chowed down on jumbo shrimp cocktail, strip steak, cheeseburgers and chicken oysters Rockefeller. They washed it all down with Grey Goose vodka and Red Bulls.
The bill came to $251.
How much tip did Spears & Co. leave? Zilch!
And that’s not all. At one point in the evening, Spears had staffers scrambling to look for her camera, because she said it was missing and she believed someone had stolen it.
But guess where Brit’s camera was found? In her own car!
I'm going to start a new pool on when you think Britney is going to crack...This time it should be even worse than just shaving her head....This time I hope it's more along the lines of her throwing herself into traffic or in front of a train....or setting herself on fire in public.. That would be so fun.

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