Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Apparently dogs are cute as carrying accessories.

Now, I'm not a PETA activist or anything like that but jezzz, put a leash on your dog and let it walk instead of carting it around everywhere and having it help you in carrying things. Does Paris' dog look comfortable? Does it look like it's saying "Wow, this is so much fun, I want to be carried like this everyday?" There is one picture of Britney that I saw the other day and can't seem to locate now, that shows her carrying the dog like it's a purse, with one hand and down by her thunder thighs. I was concerned that the dog would get sucked into that vortex that is her legs rubbing together and never be seen again. Maybe this can explain what happened to the others. Seriously, if you want a cute accessory, buy a kick ass bracelet or new pair of earrings...not a living dog. Dumb asses.

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